The word "Regrarian" combines the words "regenerative" and "agrarian." Darren J. Doherty, the founder of Regrarians®, is the world's most experienced, comprehensive, regenerative-agriculture designer. His humility, intuitiveness, and practicality, combined with decades of farming experience results in truly incredible work. It didn't hit me for a while, but his benevolence, integrity, intellect, and candidness make him a truly unique individual. Darren, his wife Lisa Heenan and daughter Isaebella operate Regrarians. In 2014, I met Darren and Lisa in Iowa, at Grant Schultz's Farmscale Permaculture course, and in 2016, I took their 10-day REX Course in Vermont. This past spring, they invited me to join their team as an instructor for the 2017 online REX course.

2017 Regrarians Team

The 2017 REX course is for at farmers and land managers that are looking to implement realistic regenerative agricultural practices that align with what they want out of their lives and their land. Over 10 weeks, we work through the Regrarians Platform, and participants walk away with the confidence to move their farms forward. The return on investment is good on this one. You have my word.