The farmers don't trust the suits, and Corporate America doesn't always understand soil. Let's take a step back and understand that our economic success is rooted in the ground. 100 Years of Sun works with agriculture-based firms that need to better understand their supply chains. We also design and install tree systems on working farms, and grow trees from seed. Having our hands in the corporate world and our feet in the soil is what truly sets us apart.

To make good, collaborative progress, we have to move the needle from all leverage points. In 2016, we worked on the ecological sustainability of Ben & Jerry's dairy supply chain and their Caring Dairy program. We are currently working with Propagate Ventures, an investment management firm that is growing agroforestry into an asset class. In June of 2017, in the Dominican Republic, we consulted with an association organic banana-growers that was in need of windbreaks (rows of hardy trees) and financial security in the face of a changing climate.

Solar Profit
"Sustainability" infers doing less bad. It's about time we did more good, and we can do good while turning a profit. Impressive bottom lines need not be rooted in mined value. We're here to take part in a new paradigm of clean, regenerative enterprise. Good agriculture satisfies human needs while healing the biosphere. At 100 Years of Sun, we work at all levels of the value chain. Please contact-us with inquiries.