Three Chimney Farm - Charlotte, Vermont

Three Chimney Farm: 7 acres of Keyline Agroforestry. The farm has 10 sections of fruit and nut trees, and each section fruits at a different time of the growing season, from June to October. Here you see a row of Chinese Chestnut and American Persimmon

Three Chimney Farm's Keyline pattern and species composition

In the same year it was planted, the June-fruiting Serviceberry gave us a nice surprise!

In between the rows of trees, Tim, Danielle and Sara Jean grow vegetables and raise chickens and ducks. Three Chimney Farm is turning out to be a truly beautiful homestead. Both the biodiversity and happiness are surely something to write home about.

This is a row of Reliance peach and thornless honey locust, with kale and onions growing just uphill. "Alley cropping," in this case growing vegetables in between rows of trees, is a great way to produce income and sustenance in the years before the trees bear fruit.

I worked closely with Tim Wall to design his farm and homestead. The goals he and his wife Danielle have are to grow food for themselves and create a replicable, functional case study in regenerative agriculture.

Here's a tour from June 2, 2017.